The Success Story Of A Young Rising Data Scientist & Digital Marketer”Likhitha”

Hi Friends, Today I am talking about a multitalented, outstanding and versatile girl, who is just 12 years old and a student of 7th standard, has recently selected as the youngest data scientist of Data Trained. This is not her complete introduction as she is also a trainer, a You Tuber and a Digital Marketer. She has built her own website

She has more than hundreds of subscribers that shows her magnificent influence on the subscribers who are not only kids but also elders. Isn’t it interesting & we want to know more about this little champ, so let me take you up to share a talk with ‘Likhitha’ to explore more about her?

Hi Likhitha, glad to have you in this conversation. First of all, Please tell us How did you engage yourself in all such things because you are too young and at your age children normally remain busy in movies,  watching cartoons, playing video games etc. How did you achieve all these?

Even I used to play video game when I was at age of 9. I used to questions a lot about games, so my parents noticed this & they booked a trial class of coding for me. That time I was in hesitation but with time in around 2018-19, I got little interest. Later, during the lockdown, my interest came to other things also. That time I started growing fast with technology, I learned typing, did programming language. So that’s how… I came this way.

From where did you get the actual inspiration to learn Data Science.

From my father, though he is a Doctor, he is really interested in electrical things. He booked a trial class for me. So I say, my dad encouraged me to learn Data Science.

Why did you choose digital marketing after Data science?

Well, the first reason is, I want to help my Dad in his clinic, second, I want to build my own robotic company in the next ten years, so digital marketing will also help me later in my career.

Great vision Likhita.

You are doing Data Science, digital marketing and you have your own study also. Dear, How do you manage your day, what is your daily routine?

Ma’am, I equally divide my time for each task. Before I sleep, I used to prepare my time table for the next day.

I wake up at 5 am in morning and do yoga. Then I spend morning time completing my assignment work for digital marketing. I take a break at 12 PM. I schedule noon time for Data science & then I spend my time learning some other things, like learning web design or other developments. Now, I am planning to learn statics.

Appriciate your hard work Likhitha,

Apart from learning all these, what are your hobbies and how do you take time for yourself? Don’t you watch TV and Mobile like other children?

Ma’am, my parents encourage me for learning new things & not to waste time on these things which cannot give us fruitful results. So, I don’t watch Television or play mobile games but I do play badminton. I have TT Table at home & I do play it with my father in my break time.

Recently, you have been selected as youngest data scientist in Data Trained, how did you achieve this ?

It was a surprise to me also. I was busy in my daily routine and while doing net-surfing my father searched a company ‘Data Trained’ on Google, which trains people in Data Science. He showed it to me and suggested me to call the institute/ company to get some discount on their offered courses. So I dialled & requested them for some discount to learn it as I am a bit younger. On-call I didn’t get any affirmation response however later I received a call back with the great news that I had been awarded 100% scholarship and had been selected as the youngest Data scientist.

Wow! That is really a great news to get a 100% scholarship for a course, where people have to pay up to INR 70,000.

What is your Goal in your Life?

Ma’am, I want to be a Greatest scientist in Data Science. And, as I said earlier, I want to start my own Robotic Company.

Likhitha, All the very best for your success in your life.

Just a final question, do you want to give any message to your well wishers or the kids of your age.

Just want to say don’t be addicted so much in mobile, spend your time in learning new things, set a goal for your life & keep doing efforts until you get it.

Thank you Likhita, for giving time from your busy schedule. It was really a wonderful session.

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