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Today I am sharing a story of a person who struggled to get some achievements in his life, which he got with hard work and consistency & still he is on his path of the journey towards his aim. I am talking about a rising star Mr Swapneswar Barik who is Storyteller,  owns a YouTube channel with thousands of subscribers, these numbers in thousands show his influence and acceptance among youth. He is also doing Digital-marketing internship through Digital Deepak. I am sharing Q&A session details, which I conducted with him So, let me take you people to tell about his success story:

Hi Swapneswar, please share your success story with us.

Renuka, I started my youtube channel in 2016 where I just put my few dancing videos randomly. That time was the boom of the internet. So, I got Some views along with money because at that time 1000 subscribers and 4000 views are not the conditions to monetize your video.  That little amount encouraged me.  I decided to take it seriously and will create some new content. So, I decided to show animated love stories. I arranged white paper software and mike for this. I prepared my self and in 2107 I uploaded an animated love story but this time I could not succeed because my Video content on youtube did not get monetized as till time youtube has changed its policies. I got a little disappointed. Those days, I was also doing my college, so I did not continue and left it.  

After 3 years.  I decided to start again with fresh energy, so I uploaded few videos. This time again, I couldn’t get many views, but I was not ready to give up this time. Somewhere I got a suggestion to make a love story on cousin love. So, I did it but nothing happened. Surprisingly after 2 months of uploading this video, a little hike had been shown in View count. An Idea stroke in my mind & I decided to make a series on it, so I uploaded 4 more episode on Cousin love and magically, the view and subscriber count increased rapidly. That motivated me and I could continue and till now I got 1.13 K subscriber on my YouTube channel.

Great! I also want to know have you also used any kind of Online marketing techniques to get numbers of subscriber for your channel.

No, I have not used any digital marketing technique. Infect that time I was not aware of any tools and technique. The only technique I used “Consistency” because it helps you to get more understanding and get more clarity. As per me, consistency is the main factor to become a master in your subjects. Techniques and skill you learn eventually with time.

Swapneswar, why have you chosen niche “Storytelling” for your channel and also digital marketing.

(Laughing) Well, I am fond of this since my childhood. When I was in class 6th or 7th I used to like frictional and other stories. I started reading love fiction stories in 2013.  Hence, I selected this passion for my work.

Would you like to share some tips to the other Storyteller?

Yes Sure, as per my learning and understanding, when we create a story, it releases some hormones in the human mind that make people feel good and hold them till the end of the story. While creating any kind of story It should have the aim to make your reader feel some connecting with your story. Like if I make any suspense stories it creates dopamine hormones that holding them till the end and when I create a story on success or something motivational, it releases endorphin hormones that make my reader excited and give such an inspiring feeling that they can also win. So, Story should be interesting, interactive whether it is in any field.

Good to know about it.

Swapneswar how do you start your day. What kind of routine you follow?

Though I don’t have any fixed routine. Yes, the one thing that I am firm to do daily in the morning and is Writing. Writing is like a booster for me that give me energy. As I usually wake up at 5 am in the morning and I used to sit for writing. I have completed 3 diaries so far and continues to finish more.

I also observe whenever I get some burden in my mind or my mood gets off. Writing gets my burden out and makes me feel good.  Writing is another passion that I always try to not skip from my daily routine.

What makes you motivated mostly?

My Own hard work and Efforts.  See true motivation always comes from inside. At my early age, I look for it from external sources like other human beings. However, it gives you short term motivation that does not stay for long.  I remember it was the month of July 2020. I took care of my sister and her baby as she has some problem at that time. So, I managed all the things alone. Infect I used to cook. I took care of a baby. I used to do my own work also, like making single video along with writing every day. You know it made me surprised that oh my God how much work I can do. I can work for hours. I got inspired by myself. I give my example to myself.

Great observation Swapneswar, I also would like to know what is the meaning of success for yourself?

Very beautiful question Renuka. Well for most people success is related to money and many other things when you are happy and have the money you have success. This is not a success. If you think of something and you have some objective about it and you achieve also. That is a success. Let me give you an example like if someone thinks that a Ricksha Wala can’t be successful. But I disagreed. I think if Ricksha Wala decides to become the best Ricksha wala in a particular area. Where he should be known as the best service provider for short-distance transport, and he took some different steps and got it. Then he is a successful person. So, success has different perspectives.

People think that living life with earning a lot of money is a success. No, then it is only a journey, not success. Success defines at the end of the journey. Let me explain to you with one more example: if you aim to earn 1 crore Rupees and you got it. So, what after that.

Will you leave?

No, Still you need to work and you will continue.

Hence, for me, if my entire life is not impactful then it is not success. I want that after few years if look back and I must feel I have done my best and done something that impacted my life and other lives that I could enjoy. I will consider myself a successful person.

What is your Vision in your Life?

My Vision is to create a school which will be more similar to chatsali of previous time where people will learn not through traditional methods but by doing things. They will learn science, farming, playing, swimming and everything by experimenting that a child should learn not to earn only money but to build a character also. I want kids to have such a great character if they become a millionaire in the future and lose all the money one day. They have the spirit and passion to make it again with his or her strong foundation.

So I want to give such deep foundation to the kids and want to build character of kids.

Great Thought. I really apricate it . Thank you so much for giving your valuable time. I wish you all the best Swapneswar

Thank you Renuka

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