How to improve the conversion rate?

A good conversion rate is key to your successful business. Every marketer wants a better conversion rate to give growth to their business or client’s business.

Before focusing on the actions for the improvement of the Conversion rate. We must understand the reason for the low conversion rate. We must concentrate on the most important factor behind the low conversion rate and that is Conversion tracking.

Unfortunately, most marketers aren’t tracking their conversions effectively. As per the survey done by a reputed agency, it is found that out of 2000 google Ads Account, 42% of Google ad advertisers are not tracking any conversion. On the other hand out of 58% of Google Ads advertisers who are tracking, actually half of them tracking conversion effectively. So you can say only 3.16% have good conversion tracking in place.

How to Track conversion rate effectively.

Please refer this :

Research on Your Target Audience

Also you have to spend some time to understand your audience. Look at some tools that will guide you to research on your target audience.

  1. Website Heat Map Tool (Hotjar):

This is a very effective tool to give you the dept details of your audience. It will not give you a detailed summary of your visors’ action, It also provides you with the recording of their action on your website. Hence you can have a very good understanding of your user’s behaviour. You can get good insights like what drives people to your website or what might stop them to become your potential customer.

  • Google Analytic Tool :

Apart from tracking the conversion, you can get the reports from a different perspective like demographic wise, geographic wise. Location, devices wise and many more details that will help you to understand your customer in a better way.

  • Funnel Tool :

When you set the goal than it is important for you to set up the funnels that will again help you observe the conversion flow.

  • Form Analysis Tool  :

You can ask your users to fill the survey form in which your users can share the reason what makes them stop to avail of your services or product. On the other way, you can get the filled form from your existing buyers that what makes them retain your services. So you can get promoter and detractor scores that will help you to build your marketing strategies and optimization of your site or landing page.

Do the Conversion tracking on paid search, social media and campaign

Conversion Rate Optimization :

Knowing what a conversion rate is and how to track it is one thing, but what do you actually do with your conversion rate data? More importantly, how do you improve your conversion rate?

Conversion rate optimization (CRO) is the process of optimizing your landing page and website to—you guessed it—produce more conversions from your traffic!

The great thing about CRO is that it helps you get the most out of the traffic that you already have. For example, even without increasing traffic to your site, improving your conversion rate from 1% to 2% will double your conversions.

Here are a few areas you can look at first:

Headline. Your headline needs to sell and sell hard. 80% of your audience won’t get past your headline, so—even if you don’t test anything else—you should at least test your headline.

Offer. Your audience isn’t you, so they don’t always respond the way you think they will. Try different descriptions and layouts to see what resonates best with your prospective clients.

Call-to-action. Like your offer, the right call-to-action (CTA) may take a few tests to discover. Try more descriptive CTAs or different button sizes.

Media. Sometimes a new picture or video can make all the difference.

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