Effective Digital Marketing in 2021

“Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation.”

Are you agree with above Quote ?

Does really marketing help to grow your business ?

Let’s talk about first function “ Marketing and its Kind”

Today there are various marketing strategies and theories in the world . If we think so many things comes in our mind like What kind of Marketing we should do to grow the business or what campaign should be run. Before seeking the answers of all the above questions we must look at the fundamentals of the marketing.

  • Law of Marketing

The most important and very old law of the marketing written by AI Riesand Jack Trout that “it is better to be first than it is to be better. “

Let’s understand above law.

“Be first” means you don’t need to compete the other first one who is already well established in the market. You have to find out the new category and need to set up and then you can be first in the new category. Remember that people are always to interested what’s new rather than what’s better.

Second things need to be remember that marketing is based on the science. it always starts before the product or service create.

You must have the ability to think like how a customer think and for that you have to put yourself in the shoes of the customer.

A true businessman will always do survey, research and analysis to understand the customer’s need before creating the new product. And when the product prepared on the basis of customer’s need. No doubt that marketing will start itself then and soon will make the brand also.

Another important factor of marketing that it doesn’t get stopped after transaction.

Example : You might have ever noticed that after taking online services or product, you received greeting email or greeting call on your birthday or any other occasion like Diwali or New Year. These are the strategy of the marketing that helps to keep the relationship with customer that does not stopped after even transaction.

  • Digital Marketing Vs Traditional Marketing

Today, the new era of marketing is a Digital Marketing that refer online marketing and on the other hand, traditional marketing is one of the oldest form of marketing and refers any type of marketing that is not online. Here we don’t need much more introduction of traditional marketing because we have been evidenced ourselves from our childhood about it.

Traditional marketing is still being in used as it is easier to reach local and specific audience compared to digital marketing because there are still group of people who are not comfortable with online marketing and don’t use it due to lack of understanding.

On the other perspective, the way, world is becoming digital, Digital marketing is booming. Specially after the Covid-19, where situation compelled people to do their task through online and make people comfortable to connect. Digital marketing connect through many resources like social media, Facebook ads, Google ads, search engine. Digital marketing works on targeted audience for example if you search for acne cream on search engine then it will show you only targeted ads but same does not happen in traditional marketing.

Another disadvantage of traditional is interaction issue. Customer has very limited option to interact on real time whereas customer get quick interaction in on line marketing.

However, we also can see that people use the combination of both . I have an example like recently my neighbor has started his own E-commerce business for grocery and has got distribution of the pamphlets in many societies to promote his websites. Hence combination of both can be done if it done wisely 🙂

CATT Marketing Funnel

CATT in the world of digital marketing, is a road Map or a rout via we can reach to our destination. This stands for Content, attraction, trust and transaction.

Let’s understand this framework that is based on below formula.

Wealth = n^CATT

Here N stands for niche what you select for your content. Always keep in your mind that the success of your content depends on your Niche. Hence you must be careful while choosing it.

Now you are thinking how to choose it. Here is the simple methodology that you can adopt and select your niche.

Please look into below picture and understand it.

As above picture shows the clear vision that you must have the combination of all 3 factors ( Talent, Passion and Market ). Ideally this is also apply while you choose your goal or career in any field. For an example if you have a very good talent of cooking and you are passionate about it and you can see that there is a flood of cooking in you tube channel. Hence cooking is the best option for you and no one can stop you to touch the sky. If you miss any of them your success will be doubtful.

Now again comes to CATT frame work. After choosing the niche you have to prepare a useful content that can attract to your audience through social media, paid ads, etc and make sure it must be value giving material in your audience’s life. Because only Valuable content can build the trust. After building the trust it is easy for you to make your transaction by converting your leads into sales.

Integrated Digital Marketing

Before jump into integrated digital marketing, let’s understand the differences between digital marketing and integrated digital marketing.

Applying any online marketing strategy like social media, email marketing or any other online marketing is all about digital marketing, whereas using all the method or component of digital marketing is a integrated digital marketing.

There is no doubt if you apply all its method wisely, it becomes stronger and more effective.

Let’s take a brief introduction on some of the common component of digital marketing :

1. Search Engine Marketing ( SEM )

SEM basically refer to paid search marketing. In this process business pay to Google to show their ads in search engine result. I must say that SEM is the most effective way to grow your business in the competitive market place.

2. Search Engine Optimization ( SEO )

SEO is different from SEM because business don’t pay Google for traffic and click. It gives result effectively by having most relevant and valuable content for a given keyword search.

3. Email Marketing :

Email marketing is one of best marketing strategy if applies on the target audience in the right direction. It helps to generate the leads, subscription and send the marketing messages.

4. Social Media Marketing ( SMM ) :

As we know that use of social media like Facebook and Instagram is rapidly increasing in people. So SMM can be done easily however the conversion ratio is comparatively low than SEM or SEO.

But we can not ignore it completely because it also becomes very effective when it used in proper way.

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Content Marketing :

I must say “Content Marketing” is the core of digital marketing. For successful of digital marketing, you can use any strategy but it will be incomplete in absence of content marketing.

Today people receive hundreds marketing message but many gets fail.

Why ?

Because somewhere it don’t build the trust of the customers. Whereas Content marketing is the pillar on which building of the trust stand and that is only based on to create valuable and relevant content that not only attract but also retain a clearly defined audience.

Personal Branding

I would like to start about this topic with a great example of one of the richest celebrity “ELON MUSK” . Recently world have experienced the impact of him when he twittered only two words “ Use Signal ” after releasing of new policy from What’s Up. Surprisingly a great crowd installed the “ Signal “ app and denied to accept the new policy of what’s app.

So Whose impact it was ?

Was it the impact of Tesla, Space X or any other brand that is running under Elon Musk.

No, It was the impact of him actually.

I hope you all agreed.

So a strong brand stands out in the crowd.

What will help you to develop a personal brand?

1. First let’s figure out who you are.

2. Explore what you want to be known for and determine with that.

3. Define your audience

4. Grow your online presence

5. Follow the Experts and take information interview from them


So here we understood Marketing, its method and laws. So if I sum up of the all. I would like to say that your aim must be to explore your customer’s need. Because on the basis of that only you create some valuable and quality product and for that only you follow the marketing Laws , marketing strategies and all the marketing types and its kind

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